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We Finally Got Married After 9 Years Of Dating

lesbian love story
Navreet speaks to SheThePeople.TV about how she found the love of her life and married her after dating her for 9 years. How did the families react? Was the journey a difficult one? Here’s their lesbian love story.

My wife, Navreet and I met at a university in Ontario, we were both studying there. We never interacted much, but things changed when we went on a college trip to India. We were complete strangers in the beginning of the trip and by the end, we became very close to each other.

Soon, we moved in as roommates. Until then Navreet had no idea about my sexuality. But soon I told her & she was the most supportive person. Within 3 months of being roommates, I had completely fallen in love with her. With time, even Navreet confessed her feelings for me.

Once we were sure about each other, I decided to come out to my parents & tell them about Navreet. My mom took some time to get comfortable with my sexuality, but she was super supportive of Navreet.

In Navreet’s family the situation was similar as we don’t speak so much about this in Indian families. They were scared about what relatives and acquaintances would think of them. But with time they came around seeing how much we loved each other.

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Finally, with our families’ blessings, we moved to Korea together for work. We spent the next 6 years in China where I proposed to Navreet. It was 9 years of us being together. I planned a proposal with the presence of our friends, our favourite game is Ellen’s HeadsUp and I got to customise it with a marry me question, as I was standing behind her with a ring.

We came back to Canada after our engagement. Being an inter-religious asian lesbian wedding, it took us 3 years to convince everyone & set a wedding date. I had always wanted a simple temple wedding, but unfortunately no temple allowed it. Several priests rejected us, we even tried contacting some priests in India but had no luck until we finally found one priest who was happy to do it.

We decided on an intimate wedding in Ontario, Canada with our closest family in September 2021. The priest received quite a backlash after the wedding from his community. But I still feel love stands out. Navreet’s cousin, Rupi says, ‘they’re super humans in my books and their unconditional love is truly magical.’”

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