I Will Be My Own Valentine. Cause I am Totally Amazing

Single? Taken? Who cares? I am awesome and I am perfectly good spending with myself. Yes, be my own Valentine!

Anoushka Das
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Single? Taken? Who cares? I am awesome and I am perfectly good spending with myself. Yes, be my own Valentine! If it's about love, it can be about me loving myself. Why do you need someone else to make you feel special and wanted on a Valentine's day? If you have been living through so many days on your own, why can't you do the same on this day too? 


Here Are A Few Ways Through Which You Celebrate Self-love This Valentine's Day. Like I always do: 

Step out of the conventional Valentine's day

Valentine's day is celebrated in the traditional sense all over the world. It is always advertised and promoted in a way such that it only professes romantic love between two people. All other types of love is completely ignored on a day like this. It is up to us to acknowledge the existence of love in other relationships and realise the importance of self-love as well. Try not to get carried away by the usual banter that comes around when Valentine's day is nearing. That one day of the year shouldn't drive you into a pity party. Trust me, the 14th of February is very often seen as a commercial gimmick. Read more about it here.

Treat yourself, coz why not? 

You deserve every right to live through the 14th of February on your own terms this year. Play dress up with yourself. Load yourself with your favourite junk food. Spend the day by watching some of your favourite movies and TV shows. Continue reading that unfinished novel. What more can you ask for? 

Think About The Advantages of Being Single 


You might not feel like acknowledging the benefits of being single if you are still attached to the person who broke your heart. Being single means that you don't have to make sacrifices or compromise to your partner's needs. You can do that just about anything you desire without going against the other person. You belong to yourself, and you decide what exactly you wish to do. Besides that, you also end up saving a lot of money. When we are in relationships, we tend to spend a lot of money buying gifts for our special one.

my own valentine, why loiter, thinking woman, sad woman, depressionThe biggest advantage is that you have all the time in the world which can be invested in yourself. Being in a relationship makes you obliged to spend a lot of time on your partner. You also don't have to worry about giving an explanation to your partner for what you are doing. Who wants to get into fights and misunderstandings? 

Spend Quality Time With Your Single Besties 

If you are too bored to spend the day alone, make sure to get in touch with all your buddies who are single. What can be more rewarding than that? Party the night away together. Watch a romantic love story and poke fun at it. Engage in pillow fights with each other at a sleepover. Gorge on your favourite delicacies together. What could be more fun than spending time with the ones you love

Pat yourself on the back

Learn to be your own cheerleader this Valentine's day. Reflect on how you have grown as a person over the years, and what exactly you need to work on. It is better to reward yourself for your achievements rather than waiting for some else to do so. Focus on how you have managed to overcome and triumph over toxic and unhealthy relationships. Imagine how envious your former partner would be of you if they saw you today. 

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