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I Have The Coolest Dad In The World

coolest dad
Priyal feels lucky to be born to a father who is very loving and supportive of everything she does. “I have the coolest dad”, she says. Here’s what she has to say about the bond she shares with him.

“Your second child should have been a son’, people told my father when I was born. But being a dad to two daughters didn’t bother him. ‘How does it matter? Son, or daughter, both are equal.’ he would say.
Growing up, dad never missed a chance to pamper me. He would take me out, listen to me, push me to do my best and make sure I was becoming a well-rounded person.

I might not be little anymore, but he is still my go-to person for everything. I can always depend on him for relationship and career advice; he guides me like a friend. He is very open-minded & loves having deep discussions about everything with me. It has also helped me gain perspective and empowers me to make my own choices.

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One day, I went up to him and asked, ‘I want to go on a solo trip. Can I?’ I didn’t know what his reaction would be. He sat down with me, discussed how my safety could be ensured at all times and allowed me to go. I was on cloud nine.

He has met all my male friends and doesn’t mind when I hang out with them in Mumbai. He just wants me to introduce all of them in advance to him.

He has been encouraging me to follow my passion and become an influencer since the time he saw that spark in me. ‘Tujhe jo karna hai kar, just keep me informed’, he insists. Ever since I have been posting reels on Instagram, I have got to see his creative side too. He is full of ideas about what I should post on my Instagram account and even offers feedback like a true critique. We cycle together, travel together and even make reels together. Often my friends say “Tere Papa Kitne cool hain” and I honestly couldn’t agree more!”

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