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Unleashing the Power Within: My Entrepreneurial Journey Surpassing Gender Stereotypes

Shama Parveen
Technology has the potential to empower women and promote gender equality. However, there’s still a digital gender divide. To bridge the gap we need to ensure women have access to all the tools and technology they need to succeed in the digital era.

Initiatives to expand internet access and improve digital infrastructure can increase women’s representation in all industries. There are so many ways that technology can help women overcome systemic barriers that prevent them from advancing in their careers, like remote work solutions and online training programs.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story. I took a break from my career to focus on my family, but as my child grew older, I started to feel the pull to return to work. Have you ever taken a break from your career and struggled to get back into it?

It wasn’t easy for me, as well. I faced many challenges, like outdated skills and a lack of confidence. And to make matters worse, some of my family and few friends didn’t believe that a mother should work outside the home. I faced criticism and doubts from the people around me regarding my career goals.

Unleashing the Power Within My Entrepreneurial Journey Beyond Gender Stereotypes

But I still took all the criticism constructively and started making efforts. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t secure a suitable job, and my career prospects seemed dim. It was a difficult time, but I didn’t give up. I began exploring other fields and stumbled upon digital marketing. I started taking online courses and studying digital marketing strategies in my spare time. All thanks to technology, which transformed our lives, providing endless opportunities to learn, connect, and grow.  As I learned more, I realised that the opportunities for work in digital marketing were vast and diverse.

Eventually, I landed a remote digital marketing job that paid reasonably and allowed me to leverage my skills and knowledge. The switch to digital marketing was initially challenging, but it was the best decision I could have made under my current circumstances, and started expanding my skillset in this field.

Within a few months, I delivered value content as a freelancer for various niches. Thereafter one of my friends suggested starting my startup. After much consideration, I decided to take the leap and create my digital marketing startup. I started and was excited about the challenge. However, things didn’t go as planned due to some unforeseen technical issues. As time passed, I realised that my true passion was blogging and content writing. The content was something that I had always enjoyed but had never thought of it as a possible career.

Thereby I made a leap of faith and began again. I, along with my partner, gathered a team of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for creating compelling content. We began working with clients from social media platforms and collaborating with brands. It was sometimes challenging. There were many ups and downs along the way, but we persevered.

The thrill of seeing our work published and shared with the world was like nothing else. It justified all of the effort and late hours. I’m grateful for this experience and eager to discover where it leads. Months passed by, and work was going on, but still, it was not a cakewalk. Sharing a few of the challenges faced by me:

Limited access to research tools and technology can make it challenging to conduct thorough research and write and publish content online. Incompatibility between software programs can lead to frustration and delays while writing mobile-friendly content requires technical expertise. Additionally, content writers need to be aware of cybersecurity concerns and how to protect their work from potential hacks or breaches.

Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Technical Content Writing

To overcome technical barriers in content writing, writers can utilise free research tools and resources and seek out technology resources at libraries and community centres. To avoid incompatibility issues, it’s important to use compatible software. Learning mobile optimisation techniques and increasing cybersecurity measures can also help writers succeed. By using strong passwords and regularly backing up their work to secure locations, writers can protect their content from potential hacks or breaches.

And that’s why this year’s celebration theme, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality,” really resonates with me. Technology has the power to remove obstacles and open doors for women from all walks of life. Let’s take responsibility for creating a world where women are appreciated, esteemed, and recognised for their accomplishments.

Now, I’m a successful content writer managing a team of writers and contributing to women’s development. Can you believe it? I went from feeling unsure about returning to work to building a successful career. Stay positive, persevere through challenges, and move forward with determination. Success comes to those who keep their chin up and never give up.

On Women’s day, as an Entrepreneur, I wish for a world where women are empowered to use all forms of technology and are financially independent. Let’s support and encourage one another as we use technology to overcome obstacles and attain financial independence. We can eliminate obstacles and achieve gender equality with perseverance and creativity.

Views expressed are the author’s own. 

Shama Parveen is the Founder of Impresso Content which empowers motivates and educates women on digital education for diverse earning sources and opportunities.

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