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Pyaar Dosti Hai: Thanks To My Friends I Don’t Need A Partner. 5 Reasons Why.

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Do you think being single is boring? Well, not really, specially if you have friends who never let you feel like you need a partner. The idea of ‘falling in love’ scares me but thinking that I have a group of friends to fall back makes me self- confident. My friends have proved to be the biggest reason why I never think of getting into a relationship. For me, pyaar has always meant dosti. Here are five reasons why.

1. My friends never leave me alone

Who needs a partner when you have got a cool gang of friends? I must say my friends are there for me in times of despair and distress. When in need, all I have to do is give them a call or drop a text. They can listen to all my troubles without judging and without any sign of irritation. Having friends who never leave you alone is a pure bliss. Surviving the pandemic would have been tough if I wasn’t connected to them. We owe a big hug to all our friends for giving us the will and strength to hold on and keep going. 

2. Hangouts with them are no less than dates

I always prefer going on hangouts with my friends rather than spending on romantic dates. After all, going for a movie or coffee with your friends is not less than a date in any way. You can spend some quality time together, laugh  and enjoy. Most importantly, you don’t have to make excuses at home to meet them. 

3. I have got the best secret keepers

Let’s admit, we are not always comfortable sharing the inside stories of our lives with our families. There’s a constant fear of being misjudged and misunderstood. But my friends are the best secret keepers I could find. They are the confidantes who never raise an eyebrow when I open up before them. Trust is the most important pillar of friendship and luckily, I have got  people whom I can trust. I haven’t found anyone I can trust the same way. Hence, I am single.

4. We don’t keep breaking up

I have observed couples breaking up determined to never see each other again and the very next moment, they are back together. When it comes to friendship, things are different. We are sort out issues that trouble us without going into petty fights. Friendship does help us become mature. 

5. Like minded people bind better

The “opposites attract” theory never works for me. I cannot get along well with people I don’t share the same thoughts with. Having discussions without getting into arguments is anyway a better option than constantly disagreeing and picking up a quarrel. I bind well with my friends because we are like minded. Its peaceful being around them because the understanding we share amongst ourselves helps us respect each others’ views and space without being judgmental. 

There’s more to love than just romance. For me, love is equivalent to friendship. Everlasting friendships are just as special as everlasting romantic relationships. You are not lonely if you’ve got friends to have your back.