The Feminist Conference

The Feminist Conference

Feminists of the country, unite! Welcome to India’s first concerted effort to engage, empower and elevate conversations on the subject of Feminism. We are looking to expand the conversations beyond the usual circles, to engage young artists, thinkers, creators, young makers and entrepreneurs, actors and writers.

The Feminist Conference, presented by SheThePeople.TV and empowered by UN Women India, will broaden the dialogue on women’s issues, focus on contemporary challenges, and bring you new voices, new ideas. We are looking at opinion leaders who have advocated for gender equality and equal rights beyond their own work, taking the conversations off the page and onto the streets, into the worlds we all navigate.

UN_Women_English_Blue_TransparentBackgroundWe are inspired by heroic women, everyday women, those of you going about your lives, challenging the status quo every time you step out on the street. We are inspired by men who bat for gender equality, parents who raise their children in gender-neutral and gender-positive roles. We are excited to meet you — the writers, poets, businesswomen, actors, artists, stand-up comedians, juggling all your identities, thoughts and narratives. Change can happen - it is happening, all around us.

Join us on October 17 evening for what promises to be a scintillating evening from 5-8 pm.

Venue : The Little Theatre, NCPA

Cool Speakers. Great Conversations.

  • Activists, artists, CEOs, peacemakers, entrepreneurs.
  • Compelling conversations and engaging discussions
  • Enrich your lives, stand for gender progress and balance and believe in women
  • Break the mold, think anew, empower others & yourself