Literary Fiction Workshop with Kasturi Patra

Literary Fiction Workshop with  Kasturi Patra

Do you wish to write stories with authentic characters, vivid settings, compelling narratives? In other words, stories that leave your readers asking for more? Have you ever wondered how to write character driven literary fiction?

Help is at hand. This class will teach you how to:

1) Create characters that aren’t stereotypical 2) Write about emotions that don’t feel melodramatic 3) Describe settings and descriptions filled with rich and vivid sensory details 4) Analyse a short story part by part to understand why it works so well 5) Start writing a literary story 6) Give and receive writing feedback

In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn some tips and tricks of writing compelling literary stories that are loved by readers, editors, and publishers. We will be doing live writing exercises and then give and receive feedback.

Prerequisite: You should know how to write a simple short story.

Live Workshop on 7th November 2020 

11:00 am to 1:30 pm 

INR 999/- publive-image Booking Closed