Learn 10 DIY Apps For Creating Highly Engaging Social Media Creatives

10 DIY Apps
Always struggling to make your social media creatives? Don't know how to make the perfect Instagram Reel? Do you always have to be dependent on someone to make your social media creatives because you find the whole process to be very time-consuming? Well, we have solutions to all your queries.

Live Workshop By Ami Savla Hemani


9th April 2022 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

for just INR 2999/- INR 499/-

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This course will help you to independently design your social media creatives without any hassles and without being dependent on anyone. You will be able to learn various designing tips and tricks to make highly engaging social media posts with the help of 8+ DIY Apps and Platforms
After attending this workshop you will be able to:
  • Independently design your creatives
  • Time management
  • Know how to use DIY apps
  • Consistency in maintaining content
  • Research and effective Online Communication
  • Know how to use DIY apps
Everyone attending also gets these resources for free:
  1. 100 Social Media Post ideas
  2. 75+ Instagram story ideas
  3. 50+ keywords for gifs
  4. 25+ grid style ideas
  5. Special days of 2022
  6. 25+ Instagram Reel Ideas
book now Course Contents
  • Canva designing hacks
  • Visualising and designing your Instagram feed
  • Engaging Instagram Stories
  • Entertaining Memes
  • Fun Reels
  • Designing effective Reel covers
  • How to search for Trending hashtags
  • Create visually appealing online portfolios
  • Easily edit images, videos.
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