World Teachers' Day: Why Classrooms Need To Include Sex Education

World Teachers Day has been observed since 1994 on October 5. With students spending the majority of their time at school, it’s the responsibility of teachers to not just educate children in academics but also teach them life skills and safety.

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Almost all of us are aware that Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5, but how many of us knew that World Teacher’s Day, an occasion to honour teachers who play a significant role in shaping the future generation, is celebrated on October 5?

World Teachers' Day has been observed since 1994 and is organised with the participation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and Education International.

World Teachers' Day: Impart Sex Education At Schools

With students spending the majority of their time at school, it’s the responsibility of teachers to not just educate children in academics but also impart sex education. One of the most important topics that children need to be taught right from a very young age is good touch and bad touch.

Parents and caregivers do take care of their children, but it's quite impossible to keep them under the radar 24*7. With the concerning increase in cases of child abuse and harassment, it’s vital to ensure that children understand the concept of safe and unsafe touch. Gone are the days when we only had to fear a stranger being a potential perpetrator. With no idea who could have a hidden pervert inside them, equipping our children is the best way to prevent anything untoward from happening.

Teachers Demonstrating Good Touch Bad Touch

In a laudable incident in August, a video of a female teacher educating her students about “good touch” and “bad touch” went viral on social media. The video showed a teacher using simple language and relatable examples to explain the difference between a good touch, such as a pat on the head or a gentle hug, and a bad touch, something that can hurt the child physically and emotionally. The teacher demonstrated the concept practically to inform and empower children and encourage them to speak out against any inappropriate touch.


In yet another recent video that surfaced in September, a teacher was seen demonstrating good and bad touch on a schoolgirl. The video was shared by IPS officer R. Stalin on X (formerly Twitter). It featured the teacher illustrating different types of touches on the student, and the girl confidently differentiated between good touch and bad touch.

Considering the ever-increasing number of sexual crimes and the wide exposure to adult content that children have on media today, there is a significant need for all schools across the country to educate students on good and bad touch. Since imparting extensive sex education is still a topic of debate, simple initiatives like teaching children about good and bad touch are progressive steps.

Protecting the future generation by imparting the necessary knowledge at the right time is the responsibility of both parents and teachers. It's heartening to see videos like these where teachers acknowledge that they have a bigger impact on students' lives than merely serving as academic mentors and educating them about safety. It would be highly commended if sex education, or at the very least, lessons on fundamental sexual awareness, were made mandatory across all schools.

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