Waxing To Bras: 5 Things That Hurt Women More Than Heartbreak

Yes, break-ups are bad! It hurts us, makes us pine and makes us ponder if we will ever find the 'One'. But I know things that haunt women's lives and are worse than a heartbreak.

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Every one of us has experienced heartbreak at least once in life. We all have different coping mechanisms to mitigate the pain of break-ups. Some of us cry for days and weave lies to hide our bulged eyes. Some of us send our exes a long emotional message spewing aggression, sadness and blame game and then immediately block them. Some of us start looking for flings or rebounds. While others resort to so-called radical ways to get over break-ups transforming themselves completely. From cutting off and colouring the hair and getting tattoos and piercings to changing the entire appearance. But wait...


Did I mention haircut, colouring and piercing? This means women (assuming a heterosexual relationship with the focus on women) have to enter places where they pay to get hurt. So you think break-ups are the most hurtful? Ask women. You will get a variety of answers. Certainly, break-ups cause immense emotional upheaval. It pains, makes us pine and leads us to ponder if we will ever find the 'One'. Apart from these three Ps, women's lives are haunted by things that have no words. Still, to make the readers aware of how heartbreak doesn't really break the heart but things women undergo literally break the body. 

  1. The saga of the salons

Salons are mainly considered a place to relax and treat our bodies with self-care. But this perspective has a loophole through which women’s trouble peaks. Do you know what those troubles are? First, getting eyebrows done. When the thread runs through the eyebrow, uprooting the hair, eyes tear up. The pain and the burning sensation repeated twice makes us scream in typical Joey tone - “Damn it woman!”

Then comes another torture- waxing. When the hot wax is taken out of the container, the heart starts beating faster than someone running behind the missed bus. And when the waxing strips are put on the body, every second feels like a mouse being in the cat’s lair. Suddenly, the strip is pulled out with the body hair and life seems to have gone with it too. 

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  1. The plight of piercing 


Have you ever made a hole in a paper with a pencil? Well, piercing is just that. The only difference is that paper is replaced with soft and thick skin and pencil with a sharp wire. When the end of the wire pricks the skin, fear and regret overpowers the desire for fashion. Then comes the worst part, the wire gets inside the skin giving pain, sometimes blood, which makes us wonder why putting a hole in the paper is not a fashion is pain | Netflix

  1. The menace of menstruation 

Heartbreak can make you cry, be sad and sometimes, god forbid, suicidal. But menstruation makes us feel all this with an icing of cramps that don’t let some of us get down from the bed. The bleeding, the carefulness about hygiene and unwanted thoughts, irritation and mood swings make life seem an injustice to women. Heartbreak might happen once, twice or more over the years. But menstruation with all its painful symptoms happens every month! Women are left with no choice but to wonder why can’t periods come for one day just to inform them about pregnancy and bid goodbye. 

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4. The difficulty of DIY make-up 

Well, many women like wearing make-up. Some wear light makeup and others follow the proper steps. The difficulty begins while applying the eye-liner. No matter how much we try, one of the eyes has a thicker line. The struggle of maintaining the same length and thickness of eye-liner on both eyes is more difficult than proving LHS is equal to RHS. 


Then comes the next struggle- removing the makeup. We wear the makeup somehow and go out with confidence. But after returning home, the idea of removing the makeup seems like sacrificing sleep, quite literally. As there are steps to wear makeup, there are steps to remove it too. Otherwise, you will be headed to another problem- pimples!


5. Barbarity of bra 

Nothing chokes more than a tight bra. If someone chokes our neck, it is not in our control. But if a bra chokes us, we ignore it despite the rashes it creates. If we want to move around without a bra, people can't stop but notice the braless boobs. If we wear the right size of bras, is that even possible? 

Heartbreaks might make you weak but it is in your hands to get back up and face life. However, the struggles of women that literally hurt their bodies, happen every day, month or year. They can’t even say that it is their choice to avoid those struggles…..wait..can they? 

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Women might have to undergo a lot of discomfort in life. From the breath-clenching brasseries to getting piercings, slim bodies and dictated dressing style- women have been struggling for basic things since history. The reason? Patriarchy is the elephant in the room. It is the source of all the discomfort women face regularly- from appearance to safety. Heartbreak is very painful. But when it is added to or compared with women’s struggle with patriarchy, it is blasphemous. Because women are neither allowed to have relationships or heartbreaks nor think about it.  

Views expressed are the author's own

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