Here's What Independence Means To Women Of Today

The meaning of independence for women transcends mere autonomy; it encompasses the freedom to shape one's destiny, exercise agency over personal choices, and contribute to every facet of society.

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India will be celebrating its 76th Independence Day tomorrow. Although the nation claims to be free, the concept remains a distant dream for several women.

The meaning of independence for women transcends mere autonomy; it encompasses the freedom to shape one's destiny, exercise agency over personal choices, and contribute to every facet of society. We spoke to some women and asked them what defines freedom to them, and their responses will make you think: are our women truly independent?

What It Likes To Have This Independence 

1. The Night Stroll

A friend of mine, Mansi, and I love car rides. Although, every time we take the car out at night, we are always told to be back by no later than 10. Moreover, not once, but several times, we have been followed by a man or men and then had to rush back home.

2. Wear Without Judgement

Clothing, a form of self-expression, can become a battleground for women where they find themselves grappling with societal expectations rather than embracing their individuality. Nihan Parveen, a plus-size fashion influencer, shared that she would like to walk in her choice of clothes without getting those judgemental looks from older aunties or men of all ages.


3. Earn And Spend

Hardeep Duggal, 32, who works for a reputed firm, shared how she longs to make her own money and, while spending it doesn't want to worry about giving anyone the accounts of how she did it. Independence embodies the fundamental principle that women, like their male counterparts, want to manage and allocate their earnings as they deem fit, unrestricted by gender-based stereotypes or societal expectations.

4. Marriage And Children

I recently turned 26. The pressure to get married has gone up significantly. For me, freedom would mean not being forced or, rather emotionally blackmailed every day, on repeat, by my parents.

Another friend who asked to remain anonymous shared that her in-laws have been pressuring her to have a baby. One year into her marriage, the tension in her house is at its peak around the said topic. The couple doesn't want a child right now. Alas, neither his nor her parents are ready to give up.

5. No Guilt Trips


The guilt with self-care or personal actions in women is associated with a complex combination of societal, cultural, and psychological factors. While it's important to note that not all women experience this guilt, the degree may vary from person to person.

'You've not lived up to any responsibility ever,' these are the very words I have heard for choosing myself, my mental peace, and good health in more than one situation. Is it really too much to decompress and be yourself?

As women continue to define and redefine their independence, they not only shape their own destinies but also contribute to the evolution of societies that recognise, respect, and celebrate the diverse and extraordinary contributions of every individual, regardless of gender.

The meaning of independence embodies the freedom to make choices that align with personal aspirations, the power to shatter societal norms that once confined their potential, and the agency to contribute meaningfully to every sphere of life. As modern women forge their paths, they transcend traditional boundaries, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine what it means to be self-sufficient and empowered.

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