Malvika Sitlani Faces Backlash for Candidly Sharing Motherhood Journey

Malvika Sitlani faced backlash not only for openly discussing her challenging pregnancy experiences but also for her motherhood journey. Is it fair to judge and criticise her as a mother based solely on her candid expressions?

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Image Credit: Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

Social media influencer and actor Malvika Sitlani has been candidly sharing her motherhood journey on various platforms since giving birth to her daughter, Abigail. From the news of expecting a child to the challenges of postpartum life, she has been open about her experiences like any other influencer. 

Sitlani was previously married to her teenage sweetheart, but they decided to part ways after announcing the pregnancy news. Now, they are co-parenting their two-month-old daughter. Sitlani has remained resilient, choosing to document and share her journey on YouTube and Instagram.

During her pregnancy, her statement that she was feeling nothing but deeply distressed with the news and that her first trimester was depressive sparked controversy. However, it was a mother or mother-to-be who was sharing her real and raw experience, and considering that every pregnancy and every motherhood is different, do you think she deserved that backlash for sharing what she shared?

Moreover, in her final trimester, the actor openly struggled and honestly shared her feelings of frustration with her growing bump and overwhelming fatigue. She expressed her impatience while waiting for the delivery to happen soon. However, she faced backlash for voicing her grievances, with some advising her to cherish these last days and be more grateful. But the question is why is it considered inappropriate to share your genuine experiences? Should you withhold discussing the challenges you are facing and conform to what others have portrayed about pregnancy?

Will Honest Discussions about Motherhood Ever Be Embraced?"

The pregnancy journey she shared might relate to the experiences of only a few women who faced similar challenges or felt the same way. It's essential to remember that each person's pregnancy and motherhood experiences are unique. While viewers, fans, or critics may only watch for a short time, the person sharing the journey lives it 24/7 for nine months. It's natural for them to feel overwhelmed or frustrated at times. The emotional and physical demands of pregnancy can lead to moments of being fed up or annoyed, and it's important to understand and respect their feelings during this transformative phase.

Sitlani faced trolls not only for openly discussing her challenging pregnancy experiences but also for her motherhood journey. She was criticised for expressing her struggles with breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and the changes in her life after becoming a mother. Some people accused her of constantly complaining about motherhood instead of embracing it. They questioned her for cribbing about the difficulties instead of celebrating the journey.


Are people too quick to judge a new mother for her postpartum experience? As a first-time mother, everything is new to her, and though she may receive advice from those around her, she is learning day by day. Just like when we started living alone, leaving our families behind for a better future, didn't we used to complain about everything? From food, home chores, electricity bills, and house rent, how green should a green vegetable be, and how black should a black coffee be? Yet, amidst all the cribbing, we felt fulfilled and happy, knowing that we were pursuing something meaningful. Similarly, a new mother should be given the understanding and space to navigate her own unique motherhood journey without harsh judgement.

Is it fair to judge and criticise her as a mother based solely on her candid expressions?

Recently, when she openly discussed her decision to stop breastfeeding as it was taking a toll on her, she faced severe trolling. See it here.

She over shares everything on internet and if people starts giving her advices out of care she will give attitude!!! I wish people would just unfollow her and not give her any attention!! She is so rude to her followers

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Will these judgements and criticisms towards mothers for sharing their honest and raw experiences come to an end? Or Should a mother feel compelled to stop sharing her genuine feelings about motherhood to avoid backlash?


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