Zomato Providing Support To Both Parties Involved In Bengaluru Incident, Confirms Founder

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Zomato founder on Bengaluru attack: Two days after a Zomato delivery man allegedly assaulted a woman in Bengaluru, co-founder and CEO of the food delivery app, Deepinder Goyal said that the company is providing “all possible support” to both the alleged survivor and the delivery partner to ensure that “both sides of the story come to light”. A content creator named Hitesha Chandranee accused the Zomato delivery man of physically assaulting her, after she complained about late delivery.

Taking to Twitter, Goyal said in a statement, “We are in constant touch with Hitesha” assuring her medical expenses are covered, and “helping her with the proceeding”.

“We are also in touch with Kamaraj (the delivery executive), extending all possible support to make sure both sides of the story come to light and that due process is followed in the spirit of fairness,” he added.

It was earlier reported that Zomato suspended its delivery partner after the physical assault case. Chandranee, in videos shared on her social media on Wednesday, showed her injured nose, accusing a Zomato delivery man of “punching” her in the face. He was later arrested by Bengaluru police.

Addressing the incident, Goyal said that while Kamaraj’s services had been temporarily suspended, Zomato is “covering his earnings in the interim while there is an active police investigation.”

This comes a day after the delivery executive, Kamraj refuted all claims made by the woman that he barged into her home and punched her on her face. “After I reached her apartment door, I handed her the food and I was expecting her to pay me (as she had opted for cash on delivery). I also apologised since the delivery was delayed due to traffic and bad roads. But she was very rude from the outset. She asked me ‘Why are you late?’ I replied apologetically, as there were road blocks due to ongoing civic works and there were traffic jams as well.”

According to Kamraj, Chandranee kept on insisting that the order has to be delivered within 45-50 minutes, further escalating the matter. “I am working on this job for more than two years and this is the first time that I have had to go through this kind of an ordeal,” he said. He further claimed that it was Chandranee who had verbally abused him and hit him with a slipper. She then accidentally hurt herself during the incident, causing her to bleed, he told The News Minute.

The alleged argument between Chandranee and the delivery man took place over a delay in delivery on Tuesday. In the video, Chandranee, pointing to her bloody nose, said, “So guys my Zomato delivery order was late and I was talking to the customer care executive. And meanwhile the delivery person just did this. He hit me, left me bleeding here and ran off.” Read the full story here

Feature Image Credit: Hitesha Chandranee/Instagram