A Zomato delivery woman, Uma, recently wowed Twitter users with her incredible work ethic and performance. A Twitter post shared a few days ago, highlighted her struggle as a widowed mother who works as a delivery woman to take care of her son. After Uma’s story attracted attention from many tweeple,  Zomato India’s official Twitter handle responded today with an appreciative tweet for their employee.

Uma’s Inspirational Tale

As per Hindustan Times, it was Twitter user Sukriti Chakravarty originally shared single mother Uma’s story on Twitter. She described Uma as a “real-life hero!” Her tweet also mentioned that Uma lost her husband ten years ago and has single-handedly taken care of her son since then. Furthermore, Chakravarty said that Uma won a diamond star of excellence from Zomato for her impeccable record – devoid of any delayed deliveries or cancellations.

Sukriti, appreciating Uma’s strength and hard work, tweeted, “She (Uma) travels 250 -300 Kms a day on her bike.”

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What You Should Know: 

  • A Twitter user, Sukriti Chakravarty recently praised a Zomato delivery woman, Uma, for her excellent delivery record and hard work. 
  • Uma, a widowed mother, takes care of her son single-handedly. 
  • Zomato also replied to Sukriti’s tweet and lauded Uma’s strength and work ethic. 

Zomato’s Appreciative Response

Zomato, Uma’s employer, noticed these applauding tweets and responded with one of their own. Resharing Sukriti’s post, they wrote, “There’s one more thing she won waaay before any award – our hearts. Uma, thank you for doing what you do every day. You make us super proud.”

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Netizens Hail The Twitter Exchange

The Twitter exchange took place on Tuesday morning. In a few hours, it garnered over 500 likes and many celebratory comments. Twitter users appreciated both, Uma’s hard work and Zomato’s initiative of highlighting their employee’s work.

Few users also made memes around the tweets. Take a look:

One user lauded Zomato by tweeting. “Hoping to see such numbers increase in coming time. @ZomatoIN ek hi to dil hai kitni baar jeetoge.”

Another female user, requested Zomato to give Uma a raise for her hard work. One person also went as far as to suggest Zomato to change their Twitter display picture for one day as a tribute to Uma.

Previously, too, Zomato won hearts with their progressive initiatives and actions. Last month, they announced ten days of annual ‘period leave’ for all the menstruating employees at their organisation. The online restaurant guide’s policy extended to cisgender women, non-binary individuals and transmasculine as well.

In June 2019, the organisation also adopted the policy of 26-week paid leave for new fathers. This paternity leave was lauded by women and men alike.

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Tarini Gandhiok is an intern with SheThePeople.TV


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