Zarine Khan opens up about body-shaming

Actress Zarine Khan talks about her struggle to gain acceptance in Bollywood due to her weight issues

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In a recent interview with Huffingtonpost India, Zareen Khan has stated a fact that is acknowledged universally, but very few celebrities come out and talk about. The actress who was first seen in the movie Veer soon became an internet sensation for being a Katrina Kaif look alike.  Although, that didn't last long, and then people started targeting her weight.


The actress has fought against body-shaming and obesity issues and has finally come to realise how obsessed Bollywood can be when it comes to looks. "I have come to understand that — no matter how nice you are as a person — unless you are pretty to look at and in great physical shape, nobody wants to talk to you. They'll talk to you based on your appearance. The personality that one talks about is secondary. It is sad but it just how it is in the superficial world that we live in. Fat is considered ugly in our country", says Zareen Khan. (as reported by Huffingtonpost India)

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She goes on to say how people started noticing her again because of her item song in the movie Ready, starring Salman Khan, and the bikini in Housefull 2 is what changed Bollywood's attitude towards her.

While Bollywood actresses definitely have a tough regime staying in shape to stay in business, normal people like you and I too go through this battle of maintaining a certain body type everyday.  And social media trends definitely do not help!

Many social media trends tend to humiliate and shame the woman body. A recent “challenge” that had been trending on social media was the A4 Challenge, which invited women to see if their waists were smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. As ridiculous as this sounds, people did participate! Although thankfully there were some who mocked the trend with their wit, and thank God for that!

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We totally sympathise with Zareen and her struggle to fit in. Although, a pat on the back for facing the reality instead of living in a bubble. A bitter truth always helps to choose and fight your battles.

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