YouTuber Eva Gutowski opens up about her sexuality on Twitter

YouTuber Eva Gutowski opens up about her sexuality on Twitter

YouTuber Eva Gutowski, better known as YouTube sensation MyLifeIsEva, has declared herself bisexual, and we are so happy for her. In a series of posts on her Twitter account on August 31, the vlogger opened up to her fans about her sexuality.

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Look at her go:

Reading these posts, we rejoice over two things. 1. Eva’s recent public breakup with surfer and YouTuber Alex Hayes is clearly a matter of the past. And 2. When celebrities talk openly about their sexuality,  it clears the way for other people who are perhaps either confused about their own sexuality, or too afraid to open up about it.

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Eva isn’t not the only celebrity to talk about her sexuality on Twitter. Recently, when a fan asked Bella Thorne if she was bisexual, she replied with one word: “Yes.” Kristen Stewart and Colton Haynes don’t hide their sexuality either.

While haters will continue to hate, the openness of people like Eva means huge support for the LGBT community.

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