Sumit Verma, a 21-year-old Youtuber, had taken Donald Trump‘s “grab em by the pussy” adage a bit too seriously. Yes, his favourite Bollywood heroes did go about forcing themselves on women, but this poor guy didn’t know better to separate reality from the reel.

Verma, who is from Delhi, tried to kiss unsuspecting women in broad daylight at Connaught Place for a pervasive satisfaction of a few hundred thousand page views (yes, he was that popular). He has now being arrested. Okay, that’s one creep off the streets.

The arrest came after a case was registered last week against Verma under Section 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) of the IPC and Section 67 (punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form) of IT Act. The Youtuber and his associate Satyajeet, who filmed the video, were arrested from Gurgaon by Delhi Police’s Crime Branch unit.

Although the given video was deleted after intense criticism on social media, by then it had already been noticed by the Delhi Police. Soon after, an apology video was posted, which was taken down as well. Going by the username, The Crazy Sumit, he still has well over 1.5 lakh viewers paying keen attention to his antics mainly featuring his mother (aka Sleeping with Girlfriend prank) and girls he accosts on the streets (otherwise known as Taking Girls Phone Number (Wasting There Phone Balance)).

According to a Hindu report, the Delhi Police has blamed video sharing websites for not taking action against such “obscene activities”. The Delhi Police is now going to “investigate the roles of search engines and video-sharing sites and an event management company to assess their criminal liability in the making of the video that was first shared from the YouTube Channel”.

The police are also trying to get in touch with the girls featured in the video to verify “the authenticity of the claim”. If that is not proven, then they wouldn’t be able to press molestation charges on the duo and only book them under Section 67 of the IPC for the publishing and transmission of obscene material on the internet.

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