Youth Go Live On FB To Deal With Moral Policing

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Moral policing is a sad and painful reality. But what Thiruvananthapuram’s Vishnu, and his female friend did to combat is beyond clap-worthy. On Tuesday, the boy and the girl were sitting together at the garden attached to the Napier museum in the city when two policewomen and a policeman started heckling them on the issue of “indecent behaviour in public space”.


While most of us in our early 20s would have been cowed down by the police and pleaded that they not be arrested, these youngsters stood firm and questioned the police what exactly was indecent in their behaviour.

That's not all. The boy and girl went live on Facebook along with the police in the frame. This did not just get them many prospective eye-witnesses to the situation, but also made their case strong as they had nothing to hide. When the cops were asked about their indecent behaviour, they said that they saw the youngsters hugging and kissing. They even compelled both of them to come to the police station, to which the young boy and girl retorted saying that since they did not do anything and that the police have no evidence, they cannot be taken to the police station.

The cops then agreed to let go of the girl but only when her parents come to pick her up. This narrow-mindedness of the cops irked the boy and he exclaimed, “I am 23 years old, and what if I say I am an orphan?”

All of this can be heard in the FB video that has till now garnered over 65,000 views.

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While the Kerala police were their orthodox self, judging boys and girls for being together, Vishnu’s knowledge and quick wit helped him and his female friend get out of this awkward situation. Though such moral policing is totally uncalled for, the youngsters also need to be aware of their rights and put up a calm and composed argument to fight the system.

The social structure is changing at a pathetically slow pace; however, such instances instill our faith in the younger generation and their will to bring a change.

Picture credit- India Today

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