World Rose Day Is A Celebration Courage And Resilience Of Cancer Patients

22nd September is celebrated as World Rose Day in remembrance of the cancer fighter Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl.

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Cancer is a battle which millions around the world are fighting every day. The fight against it is one which takes time and is taxing for the patients and his/her loved ones too. Fighting such a hard and prolonged disease is emotionally draining, which has adverse effects on the patients such as psychological distress and tension.


To spread positivity and honour the courage of those battling the disease, World Rose Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd September for giving hope to the patients. It is also commemorated as a day to spread awareness around the early detection and prevention of cancer, which can be instrumental in saving the lives of millions.

Rose Day is marked by offering roses, cards and gifts to the patients battling the dreaded disease. The main motive behind the celebration is to spread joy and give hope to the patients so that they get the will power to fight.

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The story behind the World Rose Day

It was the undying spirit and courage of a young girl which led to the celebration of the World Rose Day. Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl spread optimism around the issue of cancer during the last days of her battle. Rose was diagnosed with a very rare form of blood cancer known as Askin’s Tumour. She was told by the doctors that she just had a few weeks to live at the time of her diagnosis. However, it was her unwavering spirit and courage that proved the medics wrong and she went on to live for six months. Thus, Rose Day is a celebration of such determination that can defeat something as deadly as cancer.

Melinda, during her fight against the disease, did her bit to help cancer patients like her by spreading cheerfulness and gaiety around. As the journey through cancer treatment can be quite glum and dismal, Rose wrote poems, little notes and emails for the cancer fighters around her. Her sole aim was to keep a light and blissful environment in the hospital she was admitted throughout her journey.


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Significance of a ‘rose’

The term ‘rose’ is doubly significant: first, it is the remembrance of the braveheart Melinda Rose, and second, the literal meaning of the rose as a flower. As rose stands for love, affection and tenderness, so does World Rose Day stand for spreading positivity around the disease, reminding people to support cancer fighters and survivors. People distribute thoughtful cards, handmade roses and such gifts to patients. Organisations hold special drives for spreading awareness and make people realize the importance of love and care. Removing the stigma around the disease is also one of the motives behind the World Rose Day.

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