World Chocolate Day: Study Shows Mumbai Tops In Online Chocolate Orders


Today is World Chocolate Day, and if you are wondering how to celebrate the occasion, maybe you should order for some chocolates online. For, a study by an e-commerce food aggregator app to analyse people’s chocolate consuming habits across the country has revealed that women are 25% more likely to order chocolates online as compared to men and that 60% of all deserts ordered online are made of chocolates. It also found that residents of Mumbai order the most amount of chocolate items online, followed by Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Swiggy, a food ordering and delivery platform, conducted the study, which is an analysis of the company’s orders over the last six months. One of its key findings is that people in the age group of 18-24 order more chocolate items online.

Death by Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Fudge, chocolate milkshake, chocolate brownie and chocolate truffle pastry are some of the most ordered chocolate delicacies online. And people generally order chocolate items late in the night followed by snacks. This pattern is mostly seen during weekends, with the average ordering time being 11.46 pm.

Over the years, chocolates have become a significant part of festivities in the country with a wider reach and affordability. The amount of advertisements dedicated to chocolate items and bakeries opening up in metro cities have increased the consumption of chocolate-based items.

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The report suggested that Valentine’s Day is one occasion when orders for chocolate items shoot up by almost 50% compared to the average Tuesday. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are some of the other occasions that have helped increase orders of chocolate products online. The orders for chocolate items on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day increased by 19% and 40% this year as compared to a regular Sunday.

Chocolates can be called one of humankind’s most loved inventions across ages. Its allure is such that very few can resist gorging on them. So let’s have some chocolates, shall we?

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