Workshop To Make Women Bike Enthusiasts Road-Worthy A Huge Success

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First-time women bikers take a spin on Gurgaon roads

This wasn’t an ordinary Sunday morning for those who passed by the Gurgaon-Faridabad Expressway. On April 23, an all-women biker group unleashed its passion for the roads and conquered a male bastion.


The event was organized by two NCR-based biking groups -- Delhi Royal Enfield Riders Group and Riders Alliance Group. The ride was part of a workshop to train female biking enthusiasts of NCR on the Gurgaon-Faridabad Expressway, and it was a huge success.

Over 50 girls from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad had geared up to discover what it was to go biking for the first time. And the workshop did equip them with all the know-how on travelling across the highway on motorbikes. At the end of the day, these women proved their mettle as passionate bikers.

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Delhi-based dance instructor Neelakshi, who was riding a bike for the first time, told TOI, "I have been on a bike once, but never on the ones like these. It's a fun experience and I hope this will lead to more rides in the future."

The workshop started off with teaching the women about safety measures, road etiquette and some rules. One of the trainers, Dr Leena Biswas highlighted the importance of having knowledge of first-aid during long rides.


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Shikhir, a member of the Delhi Royal Enfield Riders Group, said, "Before letting them ride one, we wanted to make sure that these girls can at least balance a bike. The idea is to give them a happy first biking experience, which is free of any injuries. Those who passed the cycling test were given keys to the bikes, and with experienced riders sitting pillion, these girls tried their hands at riding one for the first time. Some even took them out on the roads for a small ride.”

Pavneet Kaur, another first-timer, was overjoyed with the experience, "It was great being out on the road. Now, I really want to own a bike and go on rides soon. Of course, all that will take some time but this has been a great initiation into the biking culture."

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Manuj, an experienced rider who rode pillion with one of the girls, shared, "The girls did pretty well for a first attempt. But honestly, it was a little scary for me. I wasn't as scared during my ride in the mountains in Bhutan last year as I was riding pillion today."

Well biking expeditions have inspired many girls over the past few years. Encouraging women to follow their passion and making roads safer to achieve that ambition is definitely applause-worthy.


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Hats off to many more such women biking workshops!

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