Work-Life Balance: Know How These 5 Women Have Nailed it!

The ballooning number of working women in the country lay testimony to the fact that Indian women have already geared up to usher in an era where they are the backbone of all big enterprises, companies and institutions.

They are toiling day and night, leaving their comfort zones far behind. Interestingly, some of them are mothers who know how to blend motherhood with their knowledge and diligence to ensure both of them flourish. But how do these super-women achieve work-life balance? What’s the secret to their perpetual passion for their work? We find out…

Arpita Kapoor, the founder of Mech Mocha, a Bengaluru-based mobile gaming startup, says,

“I cook and I have a dog! Both these things help me de-stress. I go back home and cook when I am having a long hard day. Yoda – my dog is always in the Mech Mocha office, cheering everyone up including me every day!”

Deepali Vyas is the Head of Global Markets and Hedge Funds Practice at Heidrick & Struggles tells SheThePeople.TV

“I will not lie – it is tough to achieve and it often ebbs and flows; however, the weekends are completely dedicated to myself and the family. I do not look at my phone or email and make sure that I create those boundaries so that I have a consistent balance between my professional and personal life.”

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Charmaine Rathish, the founder of Out O Box, a creative-writing firm in Bengaluru, says,

“My idea of balance is to switch off work every now and then by doing something different – a walk in the park, movies, books and music. I don’t believe there is any structure for maintaining a work-life balance since every working person’s perspective is different.”

Pallavi Singh, who teaches Hindi to foreigners, says,

“I love my work, hence I think my work is my life. I am a sincere and a dedicated person who gives their best. Some friends call me “workaholic” but I think I am just one of those lucky few who enjoys and love what they do. Having said that, I do socialize as well. I constantly try to attend events/do things outside of teaching to consciously maintain an equilibrium.”

Preeti Shenoy, best-selling author says,

“If you are passionate, you will make the time. I have certain rules and I set boundaries. For example, I have a board which I put on the door outside my room, which says ‘working, creating, sketching’, so my children know when not to disturb me. She further adds that her office is in her head so it is easy for her to manage.

These women are going places and inspiring more women to pursue what they are passionate about. And you know what? They know how to enjoy life to the hilt without letting their work suffer.

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