Women’s World Cup Prize Money Gets 300% Increase, Still Falls Behind Men

Women's World Cup Prize Money Increased
The women’s World Cup in 2023 will be the largest edition ever. FIFA expanded the tournament to 32 teams. Now it is willing to increase prize money for this year’s tournaments.

With the marquee international competition to incept from July 20, to be by hosted Australia and New Zealand jointly, FIFA is set to increase the prize money compared to what it was in 2019.

Women’s World Cup Prize Money Increased

Women’s World Cup will get a 300 percent increase in prize money for this year’s tournament. The 32-team tournament will get a 152 million dollar fund covering prize money, team preparation, and payments to players’ clubs. This is more than what it was in 2019, and 10 times what it was in 2015. However, the prize money still falls behind men’s. The 32 men’s teams shared 440 million dollars at last year’s World Cup in Qatar. FIFA President Gianni Infantino declared at the FIFA Congress that some of the 110 million dollars in pure prize money should be dedicated to paying players.

On 16 March, in Rwanda after being re-elected by acclamation through 2027, Infantino spoke of funds to spend on women’s teams. He also touched on how broadcasters for offering too little for TV rights. He pointed out that FIFA will not sell broadcast rights for the tournament in Australia and New Zealand as they offered up to 100 times less for rights to the women’s tournament. The issue was raised in October and FIFA denied to settle on those prices.

“Well, offer us 20 percent less, 50 percent less. But not 100 percent less, That’s why we can’t do it”, added Infantino.

He also emphasised equal pay for women. He promised that the governing body is fighting to get equal pay. He exclaimed, “As a father of four beautiful daughters, I know how much attention we need to give women. Women deserve much, much more than that and we are there to fight for them and with them.”

Fight for equal pay by female players has been worldwide, including the defending champion United States, Canada, France, and Spain. Infantino aims for equal prize money at the next World Cups for men and women, in 2026 and 2027, respectively.

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