These women at work images shatter stereotypes and blow your mind

Woman mill operator

Photographer Chris Crisman has come up with an inspiring new photo series which shows that gender does not define who can do which job. The series showcases women photographed in traditionally male jobs.

A farmer, brewer, taxidermist, a firefighter, a lobster fisher, an operator of a rock hauler and a butcher have been showcased, among others.

Crisman became interested in the idea when he heard that Heather, an acquaintance of his, had left her job as a web designer in New York City to become a butcher.

Crisman is the father of a 4-year old boy, and a 2-year old girl. “I was raised to believe that I could do whatever I wanted to when I grew up. I want to pass down a similar message to my children and without caveats,” he said in an interview to website, A Photo Editor. 

The photo series began in February of this year, and is an ongoing project. The photographer finds his subjects randomly, through a referral or a friend. He aims to triple the number of women photographed in 2017, and wants to publish the series as a book.

“No job should be off limits for women,” he tells Bustle. 

Take a look at some of the fantastic images from his inspiring project:

Woman brewer

Christina Burris, Brewer. Source: Women’s Work

Heather Marold

Source: Women’s Work Series

Nancy Poli, Pig Farmer

Nancy Poli, Pig Farmer Source: Women’s Work Photo Series

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