Women’s Sleeves Snipped Off In ‘Full Public View’ At Bihar Exam Centre

Custom Officers Suspended

In a shocking incident, a video has surfaced where examiners in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district are seen snipping the sleeves of girl students in ‘full public view’ as a disciplinary measure.

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The incident

On May 14, the girls were gathered to appear for the nursing entrance exam conducted by the BCECEB. As many were wearing full-sleeve shirts, they were snipped into half.

The footage of the incident was flashed on regional news channels. It sparked outrage among local people and parents of the candidates.

The footage showed the staff members of the exam centre cutting off the sleeves of candidates with scissors and blades


Reacting to the incident, District Education Officer Lalan Prasad Singh told PTI: “The female candidates, who enrolled for the nursing entrance exam of Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB), were advised against wearing full-sleeved dresses, but some of them failed to adhere to the norm.”

Defending actions of the staff at the exam centre, he added that there was no wrong intention behind the exercise as it was conducted by only female staff. But the problem, he said, was that the “candidates were made to resize their sleeves in full public view”.

In a similar incident from the same state, examiners at a centre in Vaishali asked male students to remove their shirts and T-shirts before entering the exam hall. As a result of which, the students wrote their exam in vests or even bare chested.

Such incidents are gross, to say the least. If terms were not met by the students, adequate measures should have been taken. And sentiments should not have been harmed

Following outrage over the Muzaffarpur case, the school, Resonance International School for girls, where the exam was taking place, has been blacklisted. It would no longer be entrusted with the duty of holding exams in the future. The official who served as exam superintendent has also been debarred for life.

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