Women’s Rights Body Criticises Madhya Pradesh’s Aid Scheme For Domestic Violence Survivors

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Madhya Pradesh Aid Scheme For Domestic Violence Victims: Women’s Rights Commission of Madhya Pradesh criticised the government’s scheme to provide financial aid to domestic violence survivors. The Chairperson of the Commission, Shobha Oza said that it is “impractical” since it “added salt to the injury of victims”.

Women’s Rights Commission Chairperson Shobha Oza criticised the Madhya Pradesh government’s decision of providing financial aid to domestic violence survivors who have suffered disabilities. The Women’s Rights Chief stated that the cabinet’s scheme is “impractical” as it “added salt to the injury of victims.”

Madhya Pradesh government recently announced its scheme of providing financial aid to domestic violence survivors who have suffered disabilities. The Madhya Pradesh scheme provides financial aid of two lakh rupees to the women suffering 40 per cent disability due to domestic violence and four Lakh rupees to women whose disability is more than 40 per cent. These women will also receive transportation services from their residence to the court for a legal hearing under process.

Ms Oza stated in her statement, “The Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led government’s decision to provide financial assistance to women who turned divyaang (disabled) due to domestic violence, despite having empty coffers, is nothing but a jumla (false promise).”

She also criticised the government’s inefficiency in controlling such injustices against women. She further asserted that no amount of financial aid can make up for the emotional and physical abuse a victim has to face in case of domestic violence.

Shobha Oza suggested that it would be more helpful for the domestic violence survivors if the government took adequate measures against the offenders to curb the crimes against women.

The Commission Chief also alleged that the government has been meddling with the functioning of the Women’s Rights Commission since it has entangled the Commission in a legal conflict.

The Madhya Pradesh cabinet announced on Tuesday that women and girls suffering disabilities due to domestic violence by blood relations and marital relations can claim compensation for the abuse against them under its Gharelu Hinsa Ki Peedita Ke Liye Sahita Yojna.