Women’s March Organisers Planning Another Protest

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The organisers of the Women’s March protest that took place a day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration in the US are gearing up for another mass strike, called “A Day Without Women”.

They haven’t announced the date of the strike yet, but have announced the protest on Twitter.

As expected, the Twitterati around the world seemed very enthusiastic about this.

A strike that is national in scale would be unprecedented in the US history.

Millions participated in women’s marches around the world, and the organisers are determined to take a series of 10 actions within the first 100 days of Trump in power, according to their website.

The Women’s March also praised boycotting companies that support Trump, and promoting local women and minority-owned businesses.

“At a time when our foundational principles of freedom and equality are under threat, The Women’s March is committed to engaging in actions that affirmatively build community, strengthen relationships and support local, women and minority-owned businesses. We will be releasing information in the near future around plans to hold corporations economically responsible,” they said in a statement.

Other groups are also organising strikes. Strike4Democracy has organised a general strike on February 17, for which 16,000 people have said they are participating on Facebook.

The strike is already receiving flak from some women who are questioning whether a day off is feasible for middle-class Americans. We’ll have to wait and watch how the strike pans out.

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