Headlines That Make 2018 The Year Of The Woman

Headlines Year Woman

On International Women’s Day, we expect change. We want women to be the change. We would like them to take a stand for their rights. And so they did!

For every news story about oppression and violence, there are stories of achievers. So here are a few positive headlines that will make you cheer for the ladies:

All-Women Maintenance Batch of Indian Railways, Guwahati

For the first time in the history of Railways, an all-women crew manned the pit lines at Guwahati’s coach maintenance depot. It was traditionally a male domain until Thursday (March 8), when women took charge. Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) gave the charge of working at pit lines to the women gang. The jobs involved overall maintenance of coaches, from interiors to undercarriage.

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Fly high with All-Women Crew Flights

This is not a first, but remarkable nonetheless. Air India, Vistara and SpiceJet had announced all-women crew flights on Thursday to to commemorate International Women’s Day. Besides, an exclusive recruitment drive for women pilots was first initiated by Vistara. The airline also offered a little extra for women fliers by announcing a one-day sale with all-inclusive fares for travel between March 16 and October 10, 2018.

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All-Women managed Railway Stations

After small stations like Ajni near Nagpur, Chandragiri near Tirupati and Gandhinagar in Jaipur have been handed over to all-women staff, now Maharashtra’s Amravati is going to join the same league. Also, three trains — Barkichampi-Tori Passenger in Jharkhand, Koyna Express and Deccan Queen Express from Mumbai to Pune — had been operated by only women travelling ticket examiners (TTE). Incidentally, Deccan Queen was the first to have a ‘Ladies Only’ car. Also, Matunga Road in Mumbai’s suburban section has started its operations with an all-woman team from Thursday.

All-Women Patrolling Squad, Delhi

The Delhi Police thought of a special way to usher in empowerment with an all-women patrolling squad to protect women from harassers. The initiative instils confidence among women and policewomen alike.

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Visually Impaired Women Train In Judo

In another inspiring moment, 60 visually impaired women from rural Madhya Pradesh learned the techniques of self-defence after training in Judo. Beating the odds of their disabilities, these women are being given judo training to fight assault and abuse in the country. Many of them have already received laurels in national championships, won medals and have begun mentoring other visually impaired women in their area.

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Kudos to women power!

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