Women’s Cricket Team Asks BCCI For Psychologist For Mental Wellbeing

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A day after England women’s wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor took leave, indicating anxiety and depression as the reason, India women’s T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur told the newspaper The New Indian Express that the team has asked the BCCI for a mental conditioning mentor.

“We are acting on that,” she said on Saturday. They have requested the BCCI for a sports psychologist who can travel with them. She agrees that the pressure is high, and one needs someone to discuss things when they are not okay. “With the team involving young blood, the regard of maturity to manage high-pressure situation becomes critical,” she stated.


  • Harmanpreet Kaur, the skipper of the T20I cricket team said that the team has requested for a counsellor for mental health from BCCI.
  • She believes that not everyone on the team has someone to confide.
  • A consultant could enable the players to reach their true potential by giving them confidence.
  • Many cricket players over the years have taken breaks for their mental health, and Kaur feels that it is strong of them to come up and say that.

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The necessity of a mental health consultant

While Harmanpreet explained that she turns to her father whenever she is not in the right headspace, not everyone might have such a person. She said that she confides in her dad, who helps her whenever she needs him. However, she understands that everyone in the team might not have that someone.

At the same time, she also feels it is not simple to find someone the team can trust. Harmanpreet believes that finding an excellent consultant who gives confidence to the team players and is helpful, is a difficult task. However, she assured them they would get someone as it is a necessity.

Sarah took a break from cricket in 2016 and was part of England’s World Cup-winning squad in 2017. At just 30, her decision surprised many. Also, the Australia opener Nicole Bolton has spoken about her battle with mental health. “It is a good choice for them. Taking a break is essential. People may assess them, thinking they are mentally vulnerable, and that’s why they are on hiatus. But you need the guts to say that you and ‘I need a break’. I’m sure they are strong, and that’s why they have taken that decision.”

The Indian women’s hockey team has taken on board a sports psychologist this year. The advantages exhibited in their results.

The Indian women’s hockey team has taken on board a sports psychologist this year. The advantages exhibited in their results. “In the end, your life is important. I know only one thing: sports. If I don’t appreciate it, what is the point of playing cricket?” said Harmanpreet. With the importance of mental health increasing, a sports psychologist may go a long way in making this team contender in the World T20 next February.

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Image: Twitter/BCCIWomen

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