A woman in Paris has founded a new driving service WomenDrive which is made up entirely women drivers. The women excessively drive Mercedes C-Class cars which come with water bottles, makeup kits and computer tablets. The company’s founder Sara Boubchir said that she thought of the service after a male driver kicked her out of a car, after hitting on her. 

The company is called Women Drive is so that women can be transported in peace.

“You need a driver available at any time, without prying eyes or indelicate questions? You want to be heard fleeting? Do you want to be listened, preserved and respected? WOMEN DRIVE has been conceived for you,” says the company’s website.

According to travelandleisure.com the founder, Sarra Boubchir, told the French daily, Le Figaro that the service aims “to prove that transporting people is not a job reserved for men, and that women have the right to be transported in complete peace.”

Currently, operating only in Paris the founder hopes to take the cab company across France soon. The car service is available to book online.

This isn’t the first female-focused driving initiative in a developed country. See Jane Go was launched in California last year. It offers female only drivers and also allows parents to pre-schedule rides for their teenage daughters.

In India, many such female cab-driving companies try to solve the safety problem women have to face.

Also, in Mumbai, politician Susieben Shah started the Priyadarshini Taxi service wherein she empowers women who earn less than Rs 10000 are trained and employed to drive taxis. 

“What they lacked was the opportunity and path / direction to realize their dreams. We took this mantle and enrolled women who wanted to enter the male dominated profession of driving taxis in Mumbai” she says.

However, women’s safety is a problem throughout the world. In France, 15 percent of women report sexual violence at some point in their lives. According to a study carried out by France’s National Observatory on Crime and Criminal Justice, half of the city’s rape survivors knew their attackers, and nine out of 10 sexual assaults in Paris are not reported.

Pic Credit: Lost and Found Traveller

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