Women World Leaders’ photoshopped out of pictures by Orthodox Jewish publication


The world witnessed a historic sight on Sunday, as 40 world leaders came together with the remaining Charlie Hebdo employees and a massive French mob, in solidarity towards the larger cause of freedom of speech and humanity. The images from the day will be etched in the memories of everyone who present.


However, the ones who were not present at the 1.6 million strong peace rally in Paris will remember this occasion rather differently. Because, once again, the documenters have attempted to erase the contribution of women leaders to history. Quite literally, in this situation.


A Telegraph report on the happening shows the extent of the deception. The offender- an orthodox Jewish publication- The Announcer (HaMevaser) that was present to cover the rally, published a misleading report the next day that would lead its readers to believe that the leader of one of the strongest economies of Europe as well as the world- German Chancellor Angela Merkel- did not deem it important to grace the occasion and pledge her support. Paris’ own mayor- Anne Hindalgo wasn’t spared at the editor’s desk, nor was the EU Foreign affairs and security chief Frederica Mogherini. The Danish Prime Minister Helle-Thorning-Schmidt who has also flown down to march with her colleagues, was cropped in a way that just her hand was visible.  This misleading image was first noticed by Israeli news site walla.com.


Before and after photo shopping  Picture By: Peta Pixel

Before and after photo shopping
Picture By: Peta Pixel

The Telegraph report points out that Merkel was standing, arms linked on either sides as a sign of unity, with French President Francois Hollande and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Yet, the picture that appeared the next morning hadn’t a single woman leader present, which cannot be passed off as a coincidence.


The paper has been criticized on various counts. For starters, it has disrespected the unity march by distorting facts about its supports and patrons. Many critics point out the irony behind this sexist editing- that a report that is depicting ‘unity’ across the geographical and racial borders is blatantly discriminatory in its execution.


Original source: The Telegraph.co.uk

[Feature Picture Courtesy: Peta Pixel]