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For the first time ever in Israel Defence Forces (IDF), four women soldiers scripted history by becoming tank commanders after a 16-month pilot program. The combat soldiers finished their course at Yad LaShiryon Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun after completing their training as tank crewwomen. These women will now be deployed at the Egyptian border with Division 80, the military announced on Thursday, the Jerusalem Post reported.


“There has never been such an experience in the IDF,” said chief armored officer Brig.-Gen Guy Hasson, adding that the four female tank commanders are “four amazing and determined women”

“We understand the potential in the operational value of both the Border Defense Forces and the Armored Corps,” Hasson said, stressing that “there is potential here for girls who really want to work for the defense of the state.”

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The pilot program kickstarted with 15 female recruits and four of them passed the basic training in southern Israel. One of them is a new immigrant from England. The recruits then moved to Shizafon as a part of a pilot training course aiming to integrate women into the border defense system.

The women who made history are tank commanders Shiran Tetroashvili, Charlotte Davidovitch Peled, Noga Shina and Osnat Levi, all in their 20s

In December, the recruits finished their training. “We’re standing before a bit of history. For the first time, a tank operator medal will be pinned on the uniform of female IDF soldiers,” the head of the corps’ training brigade Col. Moran Omer said.

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“You stood up to the difficult physical challenges, learned the profession and, no less importantly, you learned to love the power of metal,” he said


“We demanded you complete the full and long training program… after you were fully trained as fighters in the Border Defense Force – no simple mission in itself – and you did so successfully.”

Interestingly, one of the first female tank commanders is 20 year-old Sgt. Charlotte Feld-Davidovici. She immigrated to Israel from England two years ago.

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Feature Image Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

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