If wedding invitation cards weren’t enough, now there’s the Modi Saree featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face on it! With Lok Sabha elections round the corner, a shop in Surat has broken all boundaries by launching the Modi saree, which quickly became popular among ladies in Modi’s home state, Gujarat as per some reports.

Women these days are crowding the market to buy the trendy saree that comes in several unique styles and is digitally printed. You can choose from a variety of pictures — Modi against a backdrop of flowers or the demonetised Rs 1000 currency note with PM’s face on it. A shopkeeper, Ronak Shah, told Mumbai Mirror: “We have launched a saree of Modiji. The saree has become a favourite among women. We have made about three to four varieties of PM Modi’s saree, which we are selling currently. In the coming days, we are planning to launch sarees of other politicians and leaders.”

A shopper said, “When I went to the store, I saw the saree with the photo of PM Modi. I really liked it, so I bought it. To wear his saree is a matter of pride.”


One of the shopkeepers selling the sarees said the photos are digitally printed on them. He adds, “It is a different kind of saree which has been launched recently. It is very popular among women. Right now, we have at least four types of sarees with PM Modi’s pictures on them.”

Modi saree is the latest trend women are swearing by, after wedding cards, gold and silver bars, rakhis, T-shirts and mugs with the PM face imprinted on them were sold across the nation. Earlier, a 68-year-old man from Hyderabad sent wedding invitation cards of his son and celebrated the campaign for PM Modi’s re-election in 2019. Subhash Rao Kishan Rao Yande told the guests to vote for Modi instead of presenting gifts to the couple.

Clearly, the Modi wave is all-encompassing, even dictating fashion trends!

Feature Image Credit: Swarajya

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