Women should be allowed in all religious places: DCW Chief Swati Malliwal

Mahila Adalat

Activist Trupti Desai’s struggle for entry of women in temples where they never have been allowed seems to have another supporter. Delhi Commission for Women’s (DCW) Chief Swati Malliwal has recently spoken out and in as many words protested against the court orders for the Sabrimala temple issue.

“Women should be allowed in all religious places. Govt delaying court orders on Sabarimala reflects patriarchal mindset,” said Malliwal in a report by PTI.

She also tweeted, “Y treat menstruating women as impure. If women didn’t menstruate, men wouldnt b born! What’s impure about birth cycle, abt menstrual blood?”

The Sabrimala temple debate started when the Chief priest claimed in a public address that the temple will only allow women of menstruating age once the temple is equipped with a device that is able to check if the women are menstruating while entering the temple or not.

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His statement created a furore and a debate erupted wherein why women cannot enter the temple premises became the centre of discussion. This enraged several women groups including the Bhoomata Ranragini Brigade which Trupti Desai heads. Desai formed a group of 1500 women and tried entering the Shani Shignapur temple in Nashik.

As the decisions are still pending with the court on the Sabrimala temple, Malliwal pointed out that it is the court’s patriarchal mindset that is stopping them from revoking such a regressive rule from the prestigious temple. This patriarchal outlook towards religious places needs to be challenged for women so that they have freedom to worship, wherever they want.

There are so many women who want to visit several temples around the country but some or the other superstition or myth prevents them from entering these religious places. Sabrimala temple and Shani Shignapur are the ones which are the centre of discussions as of now, however, there are about six more places where entry of women is not allowed.

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