Women More Likely To Feel Shame When Listening To Audio Erotica

The researchers suggested that different emotional responses to audio erotica arise from different perspectives of men and women when it comes to porn.

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Audio Erotica
The popularity of audio erotica is increasing day by day. It engages a good number of female audience that is looking for erotic content beyond the mainstream pornographic content online. However, the reaction of women towards audio erotica in China is rather the opposite of pleasure.

For a very long time, porn was supposed to be for men only. The pornographic sites created content for male pleasure and focused less on what women want. While the inclination is not yet equal, there has lately been an attempt to create content meant for women's pleasure.

One such thing is audio erotica which is becoming really popular these days. The idea of giving pleasure with audio instead of visuals and graphics has unlocked new kinks and preferences. However, a recent study revealed that audio erotica had a different effect on men and women.

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Women And Audio Erotica


The study conducted by Chinese West Normal University and Hangzhou Normal University on 40 Chinese people, 20 male and 20 female, of the age group 18 to 27 years has shown that women get a feeling of shame after listening to audio erotica.

In the study, the participants were asked to listen to audio segments that were categorised as 'erotic', 'happy' and 'neutral'. They were asked to describe their experience and whether it was pleasurable or shameful for them.

The participants reported that 'happy' and 'neutral' audios did not give them the feeling of shame but 'erotic' did. While men and women both felt shame while listening to erotic audios, women were found to be more self-conscious while listening to 'erotic' ones as compared to the 'happy' ones. It was shameful for them rather than pleasant. Meanwhile, men felt that 'happy' and 'erotic' audios equally pleasured them.

The researchers suggested that different emotional responses to audio erotica arise from different perspectives of men and women when it comes to porn. While men consider it as a mode of serving their sexual needs, women link it with introspective awareness which develops different reactions. While men are looking for pleasure, women relate to it and hence, find it shameful.

It is important to mention the fact that women have always been told to be conscious of their sexuality. Women are often told to behave and dress innocently, are not encouraged to explore their sexuality and are shamed for choosing sexual pleasure over submission. Meanwhile, men have always been very open and proud about their sexuality and can get away with anything they do for sexual pleasure claiming that their hormones are that way.

The sexual needs of women have been suppressed for so long that choosing sexual pleasure fills them with guilt and shame when it is completely normal. This is the case in India as well where women are told that they have to listen to their male partner when it comes to sexual pleasure and it is their duty to please them. Sexual pleasures are for all and it is high time that we stop shaming women for exploring their sexuality.

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