Goa Bars Offer Code Words To Ensure Women’s Safety

Women Safety In Goa Bars
Some bars in Goa in an attempt to ensure the safety of women in their spaces are now introducing code words, which will help women send alerts if in danger. The popular Goan nightlife can also sometimes lead to mishappenings, which compromise the safety of women. The beach city’s bars are now joining hands in an initiative to innovatively help spread information about the assistance that women can avail themselves of with regard to their safety.

The code words will help women to some measure, if not more, in tackling obstacles they face while out and about in Goa. Women who find themselves in uncomfortable situations can use these codes and seek help. Priyansha Mishra, who has also served as the product manager at Microsoft, has led to its implementation.

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Women Safety In Goa Bars

This is not the first time a code word has been introduced at bars. A code word called ‘Angel shot’ was a code word for women in the west that they could use when they felt caught in an uncomfortable situation that could compromise their safety. If such a situation arose, women could just secretly ask the bartender for an ‘angel shot’ that would enable the bartender to understand the gravity of the situation.

In case you’re caught in a circumstance where a stranger is compromising your safety, an angel shot can help you in some bars in Goa. The angel shot reportedly is a concept that has been very popular in the west. Priyansha Mishra, who once visited a bar in the Anjuna area of Goa, came across a poster for a code word that made her think hard about the safety issues that’s till largely prevail across the world, especially in India. Mishra realised how this small attempt can prove to be huge for women who want to seek help in trying to find a way outside a difficult circumstance and feel safe. She researched it further and decided to contact local bar owners to try and get them to implement this in their bars and spaces, she told a media publication.

It is great to see entrepreneurs joining hands in ensuring a way to help women who otherwise find it challenging to get out of situations that can compromise their safety or seek help with trust. The bar owners who signed up for this project will be now training their bartenders and staff that can help assist women. They will be introducing the code word shot to the women in secret.  “The training is to help the bar staff to understand the right way to intervene when a woman in the space is feeling uncomfortable or unsafe”, Mishra told TOI.

The Goan bars will support women to trust the staff and ask for help without hesitation, by ordering the special drink via code name and setting an alert.

The seems like a good concert and effort in raising security for women in areas where their safety can be compromised by both people they know or strangers.