The ongoing resistance in Saudi Arabia regarding lifting the ban on women drivers has seen some light. The Saudi king’s advisory council, known as the Shura Council, has recommended that the government lift its ban on female drivers. However, the council states that only women over 30 and who are not wearing make-up will be allowed to drive. They also said that women should be off the roads after 8pm.


This decision, which still needs to be passed by the government, is bound to face many hurdles. This would include getting permission from a male member to drive and the recent ‘Tempting eyes’ ban. Women will not be able to drive with their eyes covered and anyone with alluring eyes, will be required to cover the. This paradox will be a huge concern for the women population of the country.


Apart from these, if travelling outside their cities, women will need a male relative to be in the car with them. The sanctioned timings will be from 7am to 8pm from Saturday to Wednesday and from noon to 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays.


[Picture Courtesy: PressTV]

The council stated that to deal with the women drivers, they will also have to create a ‘female traffic department’, who too will be under the supervision of the “religious agencies,” reported DNA Analysis. This is will be a very important part of lifting the ban, as in the past there have been serious restrictions on women drivers dealing with male traffic officers. Speaking to a female driver was punishable by a one-month jail and a fine.