If you were thinking that sexual harassment and assault only happens at the workplace, sorry to disclose but it happens in the Indian Army too.

While the government is keen to deploy more women personnel in the Army, Navy and IAF, what they fail to realize is that the women who would be joining in or are already on duty, have huge chances of falling under harassment and discrimination in the armed force sectors.

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Recent data shows that in the last two years, more than 12 women officers have filed complaints of assault and discrimination while on duty.

Minister of state for defence Subhash Bhamre in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday stated, “Six cases of harassment and discrimination against women officers have been recorded in the Army since 2015. The Navy had three such cases, while IAF had two. Another such case took place in the military medical and nursing stream last year,” reported TOI.

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Our armed forces are strictly male-dominated. The 14-lakh strong force has countable women officers. Currently, the number is constant at 3,578 among the 66,044 officers in the three services. Also, there are 1,288 women doctors/dentists as well as 4,094 nursing officers in the armed forces.

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Women officers lack basic arrangements on and off duty. It was only recently that women guarding the borders were provided private barrack cubicles and sanitary pad dispensers and incinerators.

Earlier in January, several soldiers in the Indian army and paramilitary forces had taken to social media and voiced their concerns regarding the severe conditions and poor facilities that they face while performing their duties. Starting from bad behaviour from their senior officers to doing household chores for their superiors, all was out in public.

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In many border areas, there are no separate toilets for women, the very basic of necessities.

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