Women Of Courage Catch Thugs By Their Collar

Wonder Woman

Today, women can do what they want if they are persistent and driven. In a few recent cases, women in Delhi have caught chain-snatchers, who tried misbehaving with them, and got them arrested.

A woman, named Shalini, was walking on the street on Saturday last week when a thug came on a bike, snatched her purse and tried to speed away.

But Shalini took the snatcher by surprise as she caught hold of his bike and did not let go even if that meant her getting dragged by it for a few metres and getting injured. She finally got the motorcycle to topple and the thug fell off it, reported Asian Age.

The mugger was then caught by the public and taken to the police, where he deservedly belonged.

A similar case happened with another woman, Kanika, the same day. A resident of Shyam Nagar, Kanika nabbed her snatcher outside Subhash Nagar metro station. The police arrested him after which it came to light that both the chain-snatchers were actually partners in crime. The Delhi Police retrieved a mobile phone, purse, and a stolen motorcycle from the two youths which they had robbed in five different cases of snatching in the area.

The two petty thieves have been identified as as Sagar Prasad (22) and Jagdip Singh (22) by the Delhi Police. They are also serial offenders and they operate in West Delhi. Both have cases registered against them in Hari Nagar, Tilak Nagar, and Rajouri Garden police stations, among others.

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Police interrogation led Sagar to reveal that the same day that he tried to snatch Shalini’s bag, he had snatched a mobile phone from a woman in Rajouri Garden. His partner, Jagdip, tried snatching Kanika’s purse and got caught, but Sagar managed to run away. He then stole a bike from Hari Nagar to go for another round of snatching but couldn’t complete it because of Shalini’s bravery and presence of mind.

Picture credit- Toon Barn