Women Of Chandigarh Say Earn Money, Invest To Live On Our Own Terms

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Women need to be as smart in playing with their money as they are in managing different stuff altogether. Thus, to empower, educate, and make women more confident in money matters, SheTalksMoney has risen as an initiative in this field. Women of Chandigarh say earn money, invest to live on our own terms at the Chandigarh edition of SheTalksMoney. It revolved around the importance of money for women and we also discussed the role of mutual funds and the benefits it carries with it.

SheTalks Money Chandigarh

She Talks Money Chandigarh

Ritika Singh, the Founder, and CEO of Kontent Factory, Seema Sharma who has formed “Nari in a Sari” in North India to promote saree weavers across the country, Parul Chauhan, the centre head for Platinum Wellness and Spa, Saru Bansal, the owner of House at Whisk which is a gourmet baking studio, Rubina Singla, the founder of WealthHQuest.Inc, and Amanjot Kaur who is a certified financial planner and director of Innovative Financial Management were the panelists for the discussion. The panel was moderated by Shonali Advani from SheThePeople. Here are some of the excerpts of the discussion.

Talking about the freedom and empowerment which money comes along with, Ritika Singh said, “Money gives you the power to live your life the way we want to.”

Parul Chauhan spoke about the amalgam of money and worth of people which is associated with it. She quoted, “People start talking women seriously when you start earning”. She also advocated the idea of investing money at different places and said, “ Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to invest in different places”

“If you have a long-term goal, it’s a win-win situation,” said Seema Sharma.

She quoted, “I told my family that we should start investing in mutual funds and it was a sure shot no from my father. But as it is my money, I did whatever I wanted. I invested it in the stock market and it came as a lesson as I lost all of my money. Then I was invested in mutual for a few years which gave me excellent returns. I made my husband also to invest in these mutual funds and it has been 15 years now and we have actually tripled our money. Also, investing in mutual funds becomes a habit after some time”.

Rubina Singla shed some light on the information related processes for investing your money. She said, “From tutorials to detailed processes, there are courses like beginners course; mutual funds goals etc. which gives you the certification too. A money control or business standard website can also help in providing sufficient information.” Talking about the apps related to this, she said that the apps could be very limited.