Women Leaders Are Better At Workplace Than Men. Here’s Why

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It’s official! Women are better than men at the workplace and we have a report to back this as well. According to a report from SCIKEY Research, women are much better than men at organizational development and coaching talent. Twice as many women professionals (6.56 percent) excel in the aforementioned domains as compared to men (3.26 percent). This has a connection with the amazing emotional quotient that women possess, the report added. SCIKEY is an AI-based talent commerce platform that helps businesses to assess and hire candidates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Professionals who work under woman leaders are more likely to improve their career prospects as compared to those who work under men. This is because women leaders check on their employees’ improvement more frequently as compared to men. 
  • Women are known to be better at conflict solving too. While 6.67 percent of women have high conflict management abilities, only 4.96 percent of men have it. Not only do women try to understand the reason behind the conflict, but they also connect better with others and hence come up with long-lasting solutions. 
  • Women have social experiences that most of the men aren’t exposed to. Combining social experiences with data, women leaders turn out to be better negotiators as well. About 1.37 percent of women are good negotiators compared to 1.11 percent men.
  • The survey was conducted with 5,388 information technology professionals across India between 22 and 47 years.

When it comes to handling a deal, negotiations play a very vital role. Women combine their societal experiences with their negotiation skills and hence have a better chance of cracking a deal, the report suggested.

High Conflict Management Ability

A leader is one who not only knows to lead the team but also knows how to solve an internal conflict without hurting any of the involved parties. Women tend to introspect more and hence come up with a concrete solution to most of the conflicts. Conflict Resolution is vital as it determines the overall flow of vibes in a team. According to the report, Women professionals (6.67 percent) have a high conflict management ability compared to men (4.96 percent).

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Women Leaders Train Their Juniors Better

Women connect better on emotional fronts with their peers and also train their juniors better than men. This is the reason why people who train under woman leaders outscore people who train under men leaders. And they have better career prospects. Women leaders are also known to check on their juniors’ progress at work more frequently than men. Not only this, but women leaders have also been found to be more likely of encouraging their subordinates’ development as compared to men.

Women Are Better Than Men At Negotiating

The report also highlighted that around 1.37 percent of women are good at negotiating as compared to 1.11 percent men. When it comes to handling a deal, negotiations play a very vital role. Women combine their wider knowledge of societal issues and experiences with their negotiation skills and hence have a better chance of cracking a deal. Men aren’t usually exposed to a wider range of societal issues or experiences.

Picture Credit- Monster.ca

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