Women Lawyers Should Wear Profession Attire, SC Judge Indu Malhotra

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SC judge Indu Malhotra

While addressing a group of young and senior lawyers at a lunch hosted in her honour at the Supreme Court on Thursday, the recently appointed SC judge Indu Malhotra expressed her point of view on how women lawyers should conduct themselves in the court. She showed her dissent for palazzo pants and 3/4th trousers in particular. She also said that young women lawyers should come dressed in professional attire instead of having a casual attitude towards clothing.


Further, Malhotra gave examples of senior women lawyers who are always dressed to the T when they appear in court. Most women senior lawyers who were there at the event agreed with the SC judge. Senior Advocate V. Mohana who spoke to The Print about it said that Malhotra spoke for the junior advocates. She also said that the other senior lawyers that she interacted with agreed upon Malhotra’s suggestion.

“I agree with Justice Malhotra when she said appearance matters and what we wear to court makes a difference,”

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“I agree with Justice Malhotra when she said appearance matters and what we wear to court makes a difference,” she said. “We must adhere to the uniform prescribed by the bar council and dress professionally, otherwise we won’t be taken seriously.”

Indira Jaisingh also agreed with her. “I join Ms Justice Indu Malhotra in appealing to women Lawyers to be well attired and professionally dressed in court. She was herself one of the best dressed professionally attired women Lawyer," she tweeted.

Another Advocate Madhavi Divan said, “We women are anyway at a disadvantage. How one dresses and appears in court makes an impression. One should always be professionally attired in court.”

Apart from this, Malhotra also proposed that junior advocates should come to the court every day even if they do not have any briefs. In this way, they can learn the finer points of debate from the senior advocates.

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