Women in Indian Navy allowed permanent commission

Indian navy inducting women sailors

Indian security forces have for long denied women permanent commission limiting offering them non combat roles which does not involve flying fighters or serve on warships. However, a Delhi High Court today allowed women get Permanent Commission in the Indian Navy and avail retirement benefits.  A permanent commission is a license to serve the country till retirement.  It said, “It would frown upon any endeavour to block progress of women”.

Off the 60,000 women officers serving in the armed forces, Indian Navy has only about 413 women officers working as Short Service Commission officers. A Short Service Commission officer is allowed to serve a maximum of 14 years in the forces without any combat responsibility. Battling against gender discrimination around 19 naval women officers had therefore filed a petition with the Court asking grant for Permanent Commission.

Earlier in 2010, Indian Army and Air force had opened its wings for women allowing Permanent commission to be granted to them. In the similar court ruling the judge had proclaimed that women officers “deserve better from the government” reports NDTV.

Women officers can acquire PC are accounts, technical, administration, logistics and meteorology branches. In Navy, they can serve in the naval constructor department to get PC.

Despite performing exceedingly well in flying high risk missions, they are considered incompetent for combat roles. They are only opened to wings which does not involve ‘command and control’ of men and battalions.

Although, the court judging favouring women officers is a step ahead to empower women in Indian security forces looking forward to serve the country.

Photo Credit: DefenceNews

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