Women in Himachal Pradesh Demand Shutting Down Of Liquor Vends

Himachal Pradesh women protesting

Often it is the man who drinks, but it is the woman who suffers. The good news, however, is that few bold women from a village in HP have decided to break their silence around the issue of liquor sale and are demanding that the government shuts down liquor vends in the state.

Women from Kotgarh village, Himachal Pradesh, were reportedly protesting outside a liquor vend. According to them, its location is such that passersby have an easy access to it.

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“We have seen many people stopping their vehicles here and purchasing liquor. The vend is also responsible for the deteriorating atmosphere of the area,” Kotgarh Mahila Mandal Pradhan, Bimla Singha told HT. She further added that the group has written to the panchayat and wants it to shut down the vend.

Besides affecting the health of the person consuming it, liquor is also a major reason for domestic violence inflicted on women. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the Uttarakhand Government has decided to limit the duration of the sale and purchase of liquor for six hours (from 3 pm to 9 pm).

We have seen many people stopping their vehicle here and purchasing liquor. The vend is also responsible for the deteriorating atmosphere of the area.-Bimla Singha

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It is not the first time that women are staging a protest against the sale of liquor. A few days ago, some women reportedly entered a liquor shop at Om Nagar in Gurgaon, broke some bottles and locked the shop. They felt that presence of such a shop in the vicinity would negatively affect school children passing by.

The Anti-Arrack movement which initiated in Andhra Pradesh in 1991 is another quintessential example of how women can coalesce and fight for what is right.

More power to such women spearheading movements, questioning the status quo and attempting to bring about a positive change in the society.

Image credits: Hindustan Times

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