A couple of generations ago, women in Afghanistan enjoyed a much liberal lifestyle. Where women everywhere in the world are moving forward in terms of equal rights; it’s really tragic that many women in Afghanistan aspire to go back to a time like that. However, a lot of women are stepping towards a better future for themselves and women all over the country.


According to a report by BBC News, women have been going to school, studying medicine and working as social workers to ensure a brighter future for the gender. Nineteen year old Rita Faisi, is one such young woman. Studying in a school, she hopes to contribute in “building her country,” she is however, aware that the country is not safe for women like her. She says, “If you want to go out, you can’t go out alone. As you know, there are a lot of rapes.”


[Picture Courtesy: Flickr Hive Mind]


Another section of women, come from remote areas to the capital of the country to train as mid-wives. Meela Sarwar, who heads the training programme, told BBC News, “After two years we will send them back to their own areas, where there is no clinic, no nurse, no doctors, they are the nurse, doctor, midwife, everything.” According to the report, the maternal mortality rate in Afghanistan has seen improvement in the recent past.


To handle special cases related to gender based violence, there is a new department that helps out such victims. Dr Aweed Dehyar, head of Rabia Balkhi hospital states that they deal with all kinds of trauma faced by women including rape. Sometimes the rape victims are as young as three. She reveals that cases like this are common: “I think [we recieve] one case in three months but in Afghanistan, all cases don’t come to the hospital. Out of ten cases, maybe one comes here.”