Women Have To Rise Up: Sheila Dixit At SheLeads

Delhi’s former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit was the Chief Guest at She Leads India organised by SheThePeople on 7th March, 2018.

Here are 10 empowering comments she made at the event.

On the person who inspired her to write her book:

The person who inspired me to write my book is myself.

On becoming Delhi’s Chief Minister:

Becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi was a great opportunity to turn Delhi around.

On women and what they need to do:

Women have to improve their position in the society. Please rise up and do something.

On providing sanitary napkins:

We were the first city in the country that gave sanitary napkins to school girls. It became a great attraction for girls to come to school.

On Delhi women:

If we look at all of you (Delhi women), I can say that Delhi is a smart city.


On life post politics:

I have spent about 20-22 years in politics. Now, I am devoting more time towards writing, family and friends. Before I die, I can easily say that I was a politician, Chief Minister and an author.

On role models:

My role models was Florence Nightingale. She had done so much for the world. I always thought that I should have the culture, attitude that she had.

On women as political leaders:

A woman will do and does things with sincerity and sensitivity. This is something which men have lost over the years.

“Politics is a responsible job” – Sheila Dixit

On making the city safer for women:

Boys when they are born in a family have to be taught to respect women. It has to start from every household. Boys must become little more responsible and responsive to their mothers and sisters.

On importance of women in the family:

The credit of a family that flourishes goes to the women of the family.

Picture Credit: Twitter

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