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There is no force greater than that of a determined woman…well there were hundreds of such women entrepreneurs at SheThePeople and Facebook’s Boost Your Business effort in Pune. On a day, the city was clouded over and poured in, the turnout was entirely engaged.


An average person visits their Facebook page about 14 times a day

“It’s amazing to have this opportunity to learn how to leverage Facebook to improve our businesses. Social media plays such an important role in our lives, reaching people and growing businesses is just so much easier now”, says Radhika Sharma, who is a digital expert. Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Facebook India shared some numbers - Facebook has nearly. 1.59 billion people using the social media platform every month. And nearly 86 million people in India are connecting Facebook to a small business they are involved in.


Ritesh Mehta, Facebook Facebook and SheThePeople present Boost Your Business

This concept event aims at helping entrepreneurs stay updated and innovative in the age of technology. This era of digital and smartphones makes communication with the consumer utterly significant and crucial. Finding the balance of right audience and right message is the need of the hour and Facebook and SheThePeople is aiming to help you determine these details and help women entrepreneurs fine-tune their approach towards their business online.


“ In today’s world, you cannot help but be on the digital medium. You are pretty much behind everyone else, if you aren’t. It has helped us talk to so many people, actually make our entire business revenues online and basically feel like we can reach everyone at the same time,” asserts Maviya Khan, Co-Founder of UpsideDown, a fashion label.

Small and medium businesses are a key part of the surge in online engagement. Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Facebook India says, “SMEs are the growth engine of the Indian economy and Facebook is the bridge to the new mobile economy for SMEs. Women entrepreneurs in particular have a huge role to play in advancing this growth."

Shaili Chopra, Founder of SheThePeople.TV says, “We are India’s largest media platform for women in India and this is something most women want to do now - grow their businesses creatively and leverage their business online. This effort is to up the learning curve of women entrepreneurs and bring them up to speed with social media business skills."

The concept encourages interaction amongst the women entrepreneurs present and gives them the opportunity to expand their business and professional connections.

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