What makes Women So Emotionally Attached To Their Feline Pets?

Navina Singh
Oct 05, 2017 08:22 IST
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What makes Women So Emotionally Attached To Their Feline Pets?

Cats have long been a part of popular culture. Like Felix the cat, Garfield, Hello Kitty or even The Cat in the Hat. Cats are one of the most trendy animals on this planet. Some people, are especially attached to their pets.  Don't we all know one "crazy cat lady". They are intelligent and affectionate pets and if you have a cat, you’re a little obsessed with it too. So, what makes women so emotionally attached to their Feline pets?


They’ve been around forever

The ancient Egyptians kept cats for their ability to kill mice and snakes. Nobles would breed cats, even, and show them off at events that were almost like the modern cat shows, furthermore, some cats were even mummified as the noble humans! During the Middle Ages, cats began to be associated with witches and bad vibes, but now, they are fashionable house pets. Cats aren’t known to be too friendly, and it's more of the thrill of having such a historic creature around, which makes it fun. They have an air to them.

Women are choosing pets over parenthood Pic credits: Dissolve

They get it

A lot of women who have cats will agree, when you need to talk about something, you know that your cat is listening. It might not have anything to say, and would look in the other direction when you talk, but that's the best part, you can talk to them without any judgement. Also, they are relatable, whether she's crabby from all the chores, or plain old snarky, a cat will be the one to understand her, on that higher level.

"Life wouldn't be the same without cats."


Scientists have noticed, that when we look at cats, the amygdala in our brain lights up, which is the part of the brain that processes emotionally important information. “Our study shows that neurons in the human amygdala respond preferentially to pictures of animals, meaning that we saw the most amount of activity in cells when the patients looked at cats or snakes versus buildings or people," said Florian Mormann, lead study researcher and a former postdoctoral scholar at Caltech as reported by Livescience. Hence, cats, naturally play with our emotions!

They also make for great cuddling.

Any woman who loves her cat will know this to be true. Whether they curl up on your lap, or near you, or climb onto your tummy, even though they hardly come around, and can get off to a bit of a temper, be selfish, misbehave, it's what makes them so lovable. So if you do have a cat, it comes to sit with you once in a day. Even if it's only for a few minutes.

They give you the warmth you need on a cold day and once you have that bond, it feels infinite, and nothing can bring it down.

“Even though my cats and I don’t speak the same language, we get each other.”

There isn’t too much of a fuss about upkeep, nor about how much space they need neither about hygiene.


They’re pretty much good to go, and aren’t too much of a fuss, besides the feeding. They don't need more than a couple of inches of space, and all they need is something to claw.

Cats might not show their affection all the time and we only get a glimpse of their happy sides rarely. However, no matter which animal you fancy, being a pet parent is a full-time job.

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