All-Women Eatery In Udupi A Hit With Foodies

Udupi All-women restaurant 3

On a road trip to Udupi? Finding the right restaurant on the highway where you can get a good meal is tough. Meet this women’s squad that’s running a restaurant, called the Classic Village Restaurant in Udupi, and bringing to you the taste of mother’s kitchen.

The team of 12 women is monitored by GA Koteyar, who is been in the field of hotel management for 55 years. Koteyar is the president of the Mahiti Seva Samithi.

Under the chief cook Geetha Suvarna, the all-women team hosts foodies in Udupi in style. The restaurant sets an example of women’s empowerment.  The idea was to ensure making healthy food available to all and providing employment to the women in need.

Udupi All-women restaurant

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When SheThePeople.TV caught up with Geetha, she said, “My sole purpose was to provide work to women here.”

Speaking about health and hygiene, she added, “In our restaurant, we do not compromise with the standards of food items served. Like we make food at home, we cook similar here as well. We do not mix unwanted, unhealthy masalas for extra taste. It’s all hygienic and prepared with love.”

“Some of us were working in canteens with Koteyar Sir for a couple of years. We never took any cooking classes but all are housewives-turned-chefs and know our spices.”

When asked how they found each other, Geetha explained, “Koteyar Sir gave us the opportunity after having a hot meal from me. He offered me and others job here and since then, we never looked back.”

“From serving quality food to be trained chefs, and hosting and communication skills too, we learned every inch of professionalism.”

The feedback the women in chef hats has received so far is thrilling. “Thus far, 15,000 customers have visited us and their response has been good,” Koteyar said.

Geetha then explained what this restaurant means to all of them. She further added, “This restaurant means home to all of us. We never think of it as a career but like we take care of our houses daily, we love this place in the same way. Like when you greet a guest as a host at home, it is similar here as well.”

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“In my opinion, a woman should never be dependent on men. She should lead her way, choose her career and live a life that she wants it to be. Every woman should be financially independent,” Geetha

Talking about challenges, Geetha claimed, “Roadblocks or negative people will come our way and would try to stop us from being independent but we have our family in support and the passion really leads us to achieving big.”

She concluded, “The only problem is balancing home and work. But we keep challenging all the odds.”

Geetha and her team are an inspiration to millions!

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