Women changing the workplace dynamics

An exceeding number of women are leaving the workforce to turn entrepreneurs. According to report by Forbes a reverse “Quiet Revolution” is now taking place in the US, where women are leaving offices to stay at home, but as entrepreneurs. According to the report, a higher percentage of women than men have started businesses in the past twenty years. Statistics reveal that in 2010 only 16% jobs were created by women-owned businesses but by 2018 over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected will be created by women.


According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the women entrepreneurs fared much better than men business owners during recession. They were more effective at cost-cutting and there was a 52% increase in the number of women entrepreneurs who turned to social media to help them boost their business to save up on marketing cost. William Dennis adds to the report, “The result…is a new cohort of women-owned businesses, battle-tested and more competitive than the generation that preceded them.”


[Picture Courtesy: 21st Century News]

Erica Nicole who left Corporate America to start YFS Magazine believes that the glass ceiling that once stopped women from succeeding, has led to a new path that enables women to work on their own terms.


There has been a world-wide decrease in job satisfaction and work-environment satisfaction people receive from work. With women changing the workplace dynamics, this could improve too. According to Natalie MacNeil, CEO at She Takes on the World Inc. says, “Many women view corporations today as being fundamentally flawed and limiting in their value structures. The Guardian Life Index, an initiative to understand America’s small business owners, cites ‘office politics’ as a driving factor for women leaving Corporate America to start businesses.”